Guy Benson is back! With that cool, edgy perspective you know him for, and more to share than ever–including a few political skeletons he trusts us with because we’re family!

Guy Benson is a Fox News Contributor, political editor of, and the host of the nationally-syndicated ”Guy Benson Show” on Fox News Radio. He was named to Forbes magazine’s ′30 under 30′ law & policy list in 2015, the year he co-authored End of Discussion, a prescient warning about the perils of cancel culture.

The Huffington Post included Guy in its 2017 roster of the “25 top millennial broadcasters in American news and politics.” That same year, he received the College Republican National Committee’s biannual Lee Atwater ′Outstanding Young Conservative award.

Guy Benson has also served as a Media Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, and a Visiting Fellow at both Harvard and Georgetown Universities’ Institutes of Politics.

If you witnessed Guy when LPR engaged him before, you understand how thrilled we are to bring him back. If you didn’t, well, be ready for some of the real stuff of gutsy political insight.