Emerging Leaders…

Combining the Principles of America’s Founding With the Tools of Modern Civic Engagement To Solve Colorado’s Most Pressing Challenges.

The Leadership Program of the Rockies is America’s premier institute to develop, strengthen, train and equip emerging leaders to reach new heights.

LPR identifies and brings together emerging leaders from the legal, economic, business, university, and political, nonprofit and civic professions to learn how visionary, principle-centered leadership can positively impact their community.

Impacting Community…

LPR provides a thorough education and grounding for emerging leaders on the principles of American civilization – free enterprise; the rule of law; a vigorous national defense; free speech, elections; limited government – that will continue to be the basis for our prosperity, freedom, and well-being in the decades ahead.

LPR gives emerging leaders unique access to current state and national leaders to learn about today’s public policy challenges and what can be done to solve them.

LPR trains emerging leaders in the practical skills – grassroots organizing, media relations, electoral politics, pressure group organization – they will need to effectively bring about solutions to their communities’ top challenges.

How it Works…

The Leadership Program of the Rockies consists of nine full-day sessions, held the second Friday every month, with some exceptions. 

Many of the most recognized and respected experts in the country – including experts on current events, leadership and the political process – lead each session.

LPR students are of extremely high caliber and each year’ s class is limited to sixty-five students to foster collaborative, participatory learning and to maximize interaction among students and presenters.