Joyce and Steve Shuck, 2021 Legacy Award recipients

Toward what Patrick Henry dubbed, “the holy cause of liberty,” the marriage of Joyce and Steve Schuck resulted in a stupendous sixty-three-year running union to advance a glorious expanse of freedom benefiting tens of thousands of Americans —maybe more—but especially empowering generations of young people in Colorado. Together, the dynamic couple devoted their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to extending first principles of America’s founders to anyone seeking the authentic blessings of freedom, prosperity, and happiness.

Joyce’s passing on November 30, 2020 hit all who adored her with feelings of profound sadness. She faced her final days with courage, grace, and love. She inspired others in life, and her memory continues to inspire as a published author, and by her powerful legacy of leadership, and kindness.

A consistent American ethic is associated with every aspect of the Schuck legacy. Honorable themes brand this honorable duo: Rugged individualism, self-reliance, honest hard work, faith in God, neighborly affection, capitalism, and virtue.

Indeed, vibrant examples of these qualities are the lasting hallmarks of countless projects, efforts, and accomplishments which everyone associated with the Leadership Program of the Rockies will admire for decades to come.

In each of these examples, Steve was consistent, sometimes loud, yet always articulate in reinforcing the natural right and responsibility of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children. Both Joyce, and Steve have projected this universal principal through every aspect of their community leadership, including Steve’s 1986 candidacy for the Office of Governor of Colorado.

Whether on the campaign trail, atop soapboxes of the public square, over the airwaves, or in the boardrooms of the many organizations through which the Schuck’s have demonstrated the fortitude of their leadership, improving the lives of children has been their unwavering objective.

The Leadership Program of the Rockies is grateful to Steve, and posthumously to Joyce for their long-standing, and loyal support of its efforts to recruit, train, sustain, and advance the “Army for Fre

Joyce and Steve, 1986

edom.” Their legacy is a patriotic devotion to the founding principles of our American Republic; and for that, LPR’s Board of Directors is exceedingly proud to name them this year’s LPR Legacy Award recipients.

Together, Joyce, and Steve were committed to children, particularly disadvantaged youth, which led the Schuck’s to create Parents Challenge over twenty-one years ago. The nationwide nonprofit has empowered some 1,700 disadvantaged children with scholarships, and grants all supporting parents in choosing the most attractive education options—public, and private—for their children’s education.

Thank you, Joyce and Steve, for all you do for freedom across America!