Margo Branscomb, LPR 2006

John Carson, LPR 2009, Douglas County School Board Chairman

Barry Clark, LPR 2008, Great Choice Douglas County

Ben DeGrow, LPR 2006, Independence Institute

Pam Mazanec, LPR 2012, Great Choice Douglas County Board Member

Karin Piper, LPR 2012, Great Choice Douglas County

Donnell Rosenberg, LPR 2010, Douglas County Task Force

Charcie Russell, LPR 2005, Great Choice Douglas County Board Member

Meghann Silverthorn, LPR 2010, Douglas County School Board

Jonathan Tee, LPR 2009, ACE

Few initiatives offer great promise of transforming the public-education system and reenergizing the school-choice public-policy debate that the exciting local initiative undertaken by the Douglas County School Choice Movement. In Douglas County, Colorado, ordinary parents have worked together with their elected officials to knock down barriers to high-quality options for all schoolchildren.

This movement is succeeding by applying to education the historic American principles of free markets, parental leadership, local control and honest hard work – all toward the common goal of creating for children the most free, customized, efficient and accomplished public-education system possible. These approaches demand less bureaucracy, streamlined services for children and more efficient strategies to treat parents like real customers, teacher like real professionals and children like they matter – like real Americans.

The Leadership Program of the Rockies salutes all of those dedicated to the school-choice movement in Douglas County for putting into practice the timeless principles of freedom. Indeed, they have mounted a truly grassroots movement that is expanding the frontiers of liberty locally while inspiring others throughout the country to do the same.