The LPR Champion of Freedom Award recognizes exceptional contributions by a distinguished group or individual to improve the lives of citizens through philanthropy and public policy involvement.

The Daniels Fund is dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through youth education and development, sports programs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, K-12 education reform, and scholarship opportunities.  The Daniels Fund is not only a visionary institution in Colorado, but its impact extends nationally. The work of the Daniels Fund is closely linked to LPR’s mission, as we work to ensure a successful future for Colorado. In fact, we have a number of Daniels Fund scholars among our LPR graduates who are actively engaged in impacting positive change in their communities.

Daniels Fund founder, Mr.  Bill Daniels’, core values of compassion, entrepreneurship, and a drive for excellence provided a perfect role model for generations of Coloradans – and Americans. Many philanthropic groups are stepping up to make improvements, but few as dedicated and steadfast as The Daniels Fund.