In the work to advance freedom, there is no substitute for a deep understanding of principles and the willingness to take action on their behalf. Our 2019 Leader in Action Award goes to an individual who fully understands what it means to empower individuals with education and training, is an unabashed supporter of LPR and its mission, and is an outstanding example of mobilizing others for freedom.

Luke Ragland is a 2012 LPR graduate. He is the President of ReadyCO, an education policy organization and leading conservative voice for education reform in the state. Luke’s ability to communicate the essential idea that the education system needs to focus more attention on the needs of students and families and allow for more opportunities for students to flourish is bar none.

Luke and ReadyCO successfully fought overarching tax increases that would have done more harm than good to the Colorado school system.

Our 2019 Leader in Action has advocated on behalf of children and parents in a way that is compelling and effective. Luke has led the charge on education reform by mobilizing volunteers and LPR graduates to fully embrace this cause. Luke’s efforts and leadership are attributes that the Leadership Program of the Rockies applauds. As one of his nominators said, Luke is “changing the education landscape for the better, he is helping to ensure every child receives the best education!”