In the work to advance freedom, there is no substitute for a deep understanding of principles and the willingness to take action on their behalf. Our 2015 Leader in Action Award goes to an individual who well understands what it means to empower individuals to keep freedom’s momentum on track.

Brad Beck is a graduate of the Leadership Program of the Rockies class of 2009 and was a Defenders of Capitalism™ finalist. At the 2009 Annual Retreat, Brad took seriously Congressman Bob Schaffer’s challenge to take action as he set into motion a plan to create a new Toastmasters International chapter that would focus on developing the skills needed to articulate the principles espoused by LPR. He recruited twenty-one LPR classmates and alumni, and together they chartered the first chapter of Liberty Toastmasters in the summer of 2009. In 2012, they successfully launched Liberty Toastmasters/North.

Outside of Liberty Toastmasters, Brad serves on the Society of American Florist Government Relations Committee. He’s a lifetime member of the Optimist Club of Erie and is the Vice Chair of the Boulder County Republicans.

Brad Beck is the embodiment of an LPR “leader in action” not simply for his vision and his hard work, but for his ability to capitalize on and further develop the LPR network. Brad had a vision, “sold” that vision to prospective believers, and then recruited them to share in his work, his vision and his success. In the process, he has mentored and empowered dozens of people to be more effective stewards of freedom. Brad Beck is, indeed, LPR’s idea of a leader in action.