Ben Collins

ben collins

Ben is a decorated U.S. Army Special Forces veteran (Green Beret) who completed multiple combat rotations in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

As an expert on national security and foreign policy matters Ben is a regular guest on FOX News as well as a frequent radio show expert on US radio stations from Arizona to NYC and the BBC World Service. Ben is most often asked to comment on the fight against ISIS and Terrorism, the National Security issues of our day, and the political realities that influence them. 

He attended the George Washington University, in Washington, D.C., graduating in 2000 with a degree in Political Science.  In May of 2000 he was commissioned into the U.S. Army as a Second Lieutenant, Infantry.  

In 2002, he was assigned to Special Operations Command and deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. In 2003, Ben was selected to become a Special Forces Officer.  After eighteen months of training and language school to learn Arabic, Ben earned his Green Beret and took command of a Special Forces Detachment and deployed back to Afghanistan.

Completing multiple combat rotations in support of the Global War on Terror, Ben concluded his Army service as an Operations Officer for a Special Forces Battalion, managing all the daily combat operations and providing detailed mission and contingency planning for over 150 Special Forces Soldiers.

Following Ben’s release from active service he partnered with two other Special Forces Officers and founded a software company, Aptus Technologies (now DecisionGrid) committed to providing analytics tools that enhanced decision-making capabilities and delivered powerful intelligent analytics to the battlefield.

After DecisionGrid, Ben co-founded another software company called Conduce Technology. Conduce's technology gives leaders and their teams a single, intuitive interface to access any and all of their enterprise data. Conduce software unites data across siloed legacy systems, modern applications and even external feeds, transforms their data into instantly comprehensible visualizations, and allows users to arrange information at will on a single pane of glass.